Our Philosophy

We value creating films that make you feel something versus just seeing what the day looked like. We believe your wedding is an event that has been molded over the decades by friends and family and therefore is far too special of an event to simply follow a traditional cookie-cutter style of wedding videography. Instead, we believe it should be crafted with intention, standing alone as a piece of art, while representing who you are and what you stand for. 

In order to serve our couples with the care and attention they deserve, we will only take on 14 weddings for 2018. Our top priority is to make you feel loved and cared for while delivering films that are packed with story, emotion, and art.   Our creative process extends beyond your wedding day to equip us with the content we need to create meaningful and story-driven wedding films.  


At Steelhead, our work is deeply rooted in a love for people and their stories.  It's the driving force behind each and every film we create. But that's not all we love. We also have a thing for stunning landscapes, raw emotion, and light, which we set out to capture and incorporate into each film. 

We believe your wedding day is just a small part of your story, and that your relationship has much more depth and meaning beyond one epic celebration. We believe in creating films that are stripped of the fluff and nonsense, and instead consist of substance and meaning.



John // Creative Director + Founder

John was born and raised in the bay area, but moved to San Luis Obispo for school. Now Cal Poly alum, he can be found surfing, camping, and exploring up and down the central coast. His wife Shannon is alongside him for every adventure, and as a registered dietitian, helps control his insatiable sweet tooth. His love for film-making sparked in middle school in the form of razor scooter and skateboarding videos, but has since evolved into his greatest passion; wedding film-making. John is constantly inspired by nature and the great outdoors, which he works to incorporate into each film. Each day he falls deeper in love with his craft and couldn't be more stoked to create authentic wedding films for awesome couples!  

Photo by SLO Wedding PhotographerTina Loveridge

Wedding Film Title Designer

SADIE // Title Illustrator

Sadie Rogers is a visual artist and creative entrepreneur based in San Luis Obispo, California. A “Jane-of-all-trades,” Sadie’s modalities include handlettering, watercolor, graphic design and mixed media, which she uses to cover surfaces for clients across California, to teach private classes, and to build her product line of prints, apparel and goods. Sadie’s work is driven by a passion for the natural world, radical self-acceptance, girl power, wabi-sabi...and a healthy dose of sarcasm and playfulness - all with an abstract, raw and unfinished flair. Inspirations include Shepard Fairey, Jackson Pollock, Banksy, Gemma O’Brien, Lisa Congdon, and any artist with a gripping bio, quirky personality and unconventional approach. Sadie’s magic comes to life with the help of her witty daughter Brooklin, her two fur children Roody and Buddy, hugs and coffee - lots of it.  Photo by Cameron // www.cameroningalls.com


2016 Highlight Reel