More than Just the wedding day

Our Process


First and foremost, we want the entire process of creating your wedding film to be as fun as possible. We understand the amount of planning and details that go into your wedding weekend, and make sure to not add any additional stress!



At the core of our films, is a deep understanding of YOU, and of your entire story. From the people who have played an important role in your lives, the hardships you've overcome, the special bond you have with your father, or just how excited you are to dance the night away, we love to know it all!  Going into your wedding with an understanding of your story allows us to shoot the weekend with intention and purpose instead of aimless event coverage. 

Creative Development 

After getting to know one another, we sit down and begin brainstorming how we can incorporate the themes and important elements we’ve learned about your story. This could include anything from home videos, proposal footage, exploring your hometown, attending a family camping trip, or even tagging along for part of your honeymoon.

There is nothing too far-fetched or out of reach. If it's an important piece of your story, we want to incorporate it into your film.  



From the first email until your film is delivered, we are here for you. We are always available by phone, email, text, or google hangout to answer your questions and talk about ways to make your film as unique and epic as it should be. 

We will be checking in along the way to make sure all the details are in line, and that you feel excited and cared for each step of the way.

Our hope is that when the wedding is over, we feel more like a friend to you rather than a vendor you hired for the day. 

Game Time

Weddings can be chaotic and we get that. Our top priority is making your day as enjoyable as possible. We are there to quietly and non-obtrusively celebrate alongside you. Our hope is that we add to your day, not take away from it. 

We will handle all the planning and details leading up to your final film delivery, ensuring that all you need to do is have the best time of your life on your wedding day. 

No need to worry about hours of coverage, we are there to cover your wedding day in it's entirety.