How'd you Start?

In 2014 I (John) shot my first wedding and fell in love with how it made me feel. The art of combining motion picture with a narrative and powerful music was addicting to me.

Today, I feel so blessed to be able to fulfill that same passion by creating wedding films for amazing couples.

WhY Wedding films?

In the fall of 2016 I lost my mom to cancer.  It was (and continues to be) the hardest thing I've ever had to experience. Thankfully, my family and I have photos and home videos to relive little bits and pieces of her life that remind us of the amazing woman she was.

After losing my mom, my work as a wedding filmmaker has felt even more important to me. Nothing drives my work more than knowing your wedding day will be one of the only days everyone you love will be under the same roof. 

As wedding filmmakers, we are given this incredibly unique opportunity to make something special that will live on for generations. A film that will serve as a constant reminder of your love for one another and the legacy of the people celebrating your union. One day, when your kids watch it they will get to witness something special and magical about their family lineage and the power of love they come from. 

How Many a Year?

In order to best serve our couples and ensure the highest quality work, we take on a very limited number of weddings. Our creative process extends beyond your wedding day to ensure a meaningful and story-driven wedding film.

The Team


John // Creative Director

John was born and raised in the bay area, but moved to San Luis Obispo for school. Now Cal Poly alum, he can be found surfing, camping, and exploring up and down the central coast. His wife Shannon is alongside him for every adventure, and as a registered dietitian, helps control his insatiable sweet tooth. His love for film-making sparked in middle school in the form of razor scooter and skateboarding videos, but has since evolved into his greatest passion; wedding film-making. John is constantly inspired by nature and the great outdoors, which he works to incorporate into each film. Each day he falls deeper in love with his craft and couldn't be more stoked to create authentic wedding films for awesome couples!

slo wedding videographer

Trevor // Filmmaker

Trevor has been making films for as long as he could hold a camera. After running his own wedding filmmaking business, he was offered a full time job at a commercial video production company. Originally a SLO native, Trevor now lives in the bay area with his wife Romey. He is Steelhead's tried and true second shooter and is almost always second shooting alongside John. When he's not filming, he can be found sipping the bay area's finest coffee and embarking on an adventure with Romey.