Your story is unlike any other –
your wedding day will be too.

Around here we craft films for down-to-earth couples who care about living in the moment.


We believe in natural beauty –

sticking together through peaks and valleys, and always being able to laugh at ourselves. While California's Central Coast is where we call home, know that we're prepared to meet you in your dream destination, wherever that may be.


Capturing best friends –

embark on their next great adventure is not only a rewarding rush, it’s an honor we take to heart. The spirit and energy between you and your partner is entirely original and bringing your love to life on film is our mission.


Delivering that feeling

We create films that take you back to the most intense moments of your day - the giant smiles, the belly laughs, and those tearful goosebumps too.





Camile & Tommy

The best part about working with John is just how communicative and passionate he is. Steelhead Cinema captured OUR story. He committed to partnering with us and our vision. Watching our film for the first time, I was in awe and overwhelmed with love. The whole experience was incredible!


Shayna & Chris

We love that John made our vows the bones of our video. He captured the subtle moments that most others might miss, like those few seconds of my Mama and I exhaling right after I came down the aisle. So small, but so special to have a moment that reflects our similarities. Do not hesitate to book Steelhead Cinema! My husband and I both agreed that it was the best investment in our wedding planning process. Getting to relive one of the most beautiful days of our lives together (whenever we want to) is such a blessing! It is worth every single penny.



Candor & Care


You know the power of moments that matter – choose to be fully present.

Steelhead Cinema captures your spirit in its natural light, so your experience unfolds exactly as it’s meant to be. You and yours can expect our heartfelt attention every step of the way. We thoughtfully select only a limited number of weddings annually to ensure your film is given all our love and creative energy.

Live in the moment.

Our mission makes it possible, quietly capturing your personality behind-the-scenes. Dedicated to sharing your experience in a one-of-a-kind way, you can count on us to collaborate on a creative vision you're stoked about. We invest time to establish a personal connection with you before your big day, so you can feel truly comfortable being you.

Feel fully-present when it matters most.

Steelhead Cinema captures your one-of-a-kind love with candor and kindness. Invested in taking the time to earn your trust, we get to know you and yours before your next great adventure begins. When you choose to collaborate with us, count on a memorable experience resulting in a soulful film you treasure for decades.

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Before & Beyond

Crafting a film that captures who you are before and beyond your wedding day is what we do.


There’s no event I feel more grateful or connected to than an exchange of vows.

a celebration of people becoming partners surrounded by love.


In the fall of 2016, I lost my Mom to cancer. Her loss continues to be the hardest thing I've ever experienced. Thankfully, photos and home videos exist to help me relive moments of her life and serve as a reminder of the amazing woman she was. It's why filmmaking feels even more personal and essential today.

Your wedding day is an opportunity to create and capture meaningful memories that will stand the test of time, a powerful reminder of your love for one another. That kind of motivation doesn't get any better.


Ultimately, it's all about feeling.